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Claire Verity

Claire Verity spent much of her childhood in South Africa and from an early age developed a keen interest and ability to draw animals, particularly horses and dogs. From this Claire has progressed to one of the leading equine canine artists and for this reason commissions play a major part of her work.



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 Elle J. Wilson

Having a B.A. degree in theatre set and costume design has influenced Elle's colourful and sometimes unusual sets in her paintings. Whilst her first love are sighthounds, other breads along with foxes and hares become muses. Elle's fuelled imagination in childhood has helped her realise an unusual yet captivating style, producing paintings with artistic merit and flair.



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Luci maclaren

Born in Perth, Scotland and studied at St. Andrews University gaining MA (Hons) Luci progressed to Santa Monica studying fine art. Latterly Luci has become an artist with a repertoire of subjects including racing, together with a unique and unmistakable style, her work is a natural and impulsive meeting of oil and canvas, obsessed by light and atmosphere Luci works quickly with brush and palette knife to capture a moment in time, raw and uncontrolled.



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Robert James Clarke

Clarke was an aspiring artist from an early age and went on to study at St. Martins College of Art. Clark's paintings sometimes almost simplistic, but imbued with a sense of personality and captivating style captures the essence of the muse, be it a dog, or a bird, thus drawing an audience Worldwide and commissions include Kate Moss's dog Archie, Alan Carr's Bev and Joyce, Fergie's (Black Eyed Peas) and Meatloaf's Canine friends.



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Claire Eastgate

Claire Eastgate is a portrait artist and is established as one of the UK"s premier portraitists in canine art as well as a growing reputation for her portraits of people. Her work has been commissioned and bought by many collectors, including the Royal family, both nationally and internationally.


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Simone Carter

Known as 'Nellie Doodles' Artist/Cartoonist Simone Creates colourful and amusing paintings from the depths of mind and every day events inspired from her very own Greyhound 'Nellie'...sharing a smile.



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Sally Muir

Sally Muir is an artist with the ability to capture her muse in full character, together with a softness and abundance of colour. Having studied at Bath School of Art and gaining a first class (hons) degree, Sally progressed to portraiture. In 2010 Sally won the prestigious Holburne portrait prize.



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Liz Armstrong

With a love of horses in all their facets, combined with a degree from Goldsmiths Art College, Liz has become a familiar face at the races and polo fields. Her style is contemporary, deliberately abstract and visually arresting, capturing inner spirit and movement.



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Steve Sanderson

From an early age art and painting was always a fascination which led to a self taught artist in latter years. Coming from Lancashire, the North has influenced Steve's subject matter and his paintings are nostalgic with scenes from time gone by and often include keen favourites of Northern folk, greyhounds and whippets set in local scenery. Steve's work is becoming increasingly collectable and can see why, as the resemblance to the "Northern School" of past artists is obvious.


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Catherine Ingleby

Catherine was born onto a farm in the Southern Highlands of Scotland. With much of her childhood spent on the back of horses. Studies began in Paris, Classics at Durham University and then attended an atelier for two years in Italy. Catherine is recognised for her dynamic paintings of animals in movement, with bold use of colour and confident brushwork and regularly undertakes commissions and exhibits worldwide.




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Susan Mitchell

Having graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 1990 and has been painting and etching ever since. Susan has exhibited all over the UK and abroad. Born a farmer's daughter who has spent days and weeks studying animals and birds for inspiration and loved every minute. Owned her own sheep, cows and poultry while farming in the Scottish Borders. Self taught in the art of copper plate etching and an award winning watercolorist.



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Annabel Pope

Annabel grew up on a farm in Norfolk, always exploring the outdoors and wildlife. Continuing this passion in Africa as a child and spending time in the continent throughout her formal education. Annabel’s passion for her subject matter is captured in her unique style and variety of mediums. Her need to explore the close chemistry and behavioural characteristics of each species results in her forming a style which relates best to the living soul of the individual animals. Her work attracts interest internationally and has successfully exhibited in the UK on several occasions which has established her as a leading wildlife artist.