Who is Equine Canine Art (ECA)

We are an online platform for British contemporary equine, canine artists to sell paintings, sculptures and prints. We sell paintings of all mediums and price ranges and endeavour to choose artists that works will increase in value over time, albeit paintings, or sculptures.

Will I pay more for a piece of artwork than through an art gallery

The answer is almost certainly not as we do not have the overheads of a conventional gallery.

 How do I know that a painting, or sculpture is genuine 

On the purchase of a painting, or sculpture you will be receive a certificate of provenance from the artist. The painting, or sculpture will also bare the signature of the artist.

Can I change the frame, or buy a painting without a frame

Yes if you wish to change a frame this can be done, depending on the change their may be an increase, decrease, a quote will be given once a frame has been chosen.

One can buy an oil, mixed media, or watercolour painting without a frame, but a pastel painting given its nature has to be sold framed behind glass.

Box canvas paintings are sold frameless as in many cases are best suited unframed giving a contemporary look.

Can artwork be viewed before purchase

Yes artwork can be viewed before purchase, though as this is an online sales platform the artwork must be viewed at the artists residence/studio by appointment. Alternatively we may be able to arrange a viewing at your residence.