Commission An Artist

If you are interested in commissioning an artist for a bespoke painting, or sculpture then please fill out the form bellow with your details and a brief description of what you have in mind and we will reply ASAP.

The following artists are available for commissions

Claire Verity

Drawing and studying nature has always been a natural and absorbing interest since I was a very young child. My early years in South Africa gave me the  opportunity of sketching the wildlife around me and I knew from a very young age I was going to make art my profession .

Whilst achieving a remarkable likeness with my 
commissioned portraits, I pride myself in capturing the character, life and particular personality of my subjects. I feel very strongly that to succeed in this profession  you have to be honest and have an innate sympathy, respect and understanding of your subjects. 

Self taught with a drive and passion predominantly focusing on equine and canine work, naturally commissions  began forming a large percentage of my work. I love the challenge in understanding what my clients want, together with my interpretation, and determined with each study, to attempt to achieve more than just a portrait of someones horse or dog, hopefully creating something that stands on its own as a piece of artwork . 

Exhibited with both the Society of Equestrian Artists, being an ASEA,  and The Society of Wildlife Artists at the Mall Galleries in London.

I was an invited artist at  "Art in Action" at Waterperry House in Oxford.

In 1999 I was commissioned by Cheltenham racecourse to paint Istabraq winning "The Smurfit Champion Hurdle'' as their official signed limited edition print.

Catherine Ingleby

Catherine Ingleby is one of the foremost sporting artists in the UK,
annually represented in exhibitions worldwide, with works in many notable
private collections, including that of HM the Queen, and several prominent
racing stables.

Catherine is consistently picked to show in prestigious juried
exhibitions, and is proud to be a partner artist to the David Shepherd
Wildlife Trust, she is passionate about wildlife conservation, regularly
donating artworks to help raise funds.

Catherine spent several years training as an artist in Paris and Florence
accumulating a solid basis of draughtsmanship on which to base her now
instantly recognisable style of dramatic light and movement. She now works
full time in her studio in Berkshire, with a plethora of pets that both
aid and abet her. She is known for her contemporary take on traditional
subjects, and her ability to capture the fleeting sense of movement in her

Catherine undertakes a limited amount of commissions a year, some are
formal portraits, others action paintings of sports horses or dogs. 

Caroline Bromley-Gardner

I am a sculptor and artist who specialises in equestrian, wildlife and sporting subjects, living in North Wiltshire.

Having taken Art ‘A’ level, I studied at Bath Academy of Art where I took the Foundation course, followed by 3 years in Italy, where I studied at one of the most influential ateliers in Florence under Signorina Nerina Simi, whose father Filadelfo Simi taught and nurtured the young Annigoni.

Daily life and portrait studies encouraged an understanding of the underlying structure of the human form. This training is something I try to incorporate in my work, where I seek to interpret excitement and appreciation of beauty through an understanding of form, the tension of muscle and sinew, the play of light and shade – ‘Chiaroscuro’ – and a feeling of balance in the composition.

Having been brought up with horses, which included helping my parents with their horses on their small stud farm breeding horses for racing, and competing in eventing to advanced level and show-jumping to Foxhunter level as a teenager, I am naturally drawn to the equine model.

I have exhibited widely in London and the Cotswolds, including the Society of Equestrian Artists at the Mall Galleries in London, where I won the Graham North prize for the best hunting painting in 2007, and was invited to join as an Associate Member in 2012. More recently I have shown with the society in Newmarket. I have also had work exhibited and sold by the Osborne Studio Gallery in London.

I have undertaken a wide and varied range of commissions, including equestrian portraiture in oil and sculpture in bronze. I also sculpt wildlife and enjoy painting landscape in oil. I regularly sketch the cross-country fences for Badminton Horse Trials, which are printed in the programme and published on the web-site.

Jane Braithwaite

Jane lives in the Pennine village of Delph, north of Manchester, where she was born and grew up. She has always had a natural affinity for horses and began riding as a young child. Her love for drawing and painting them also started at an early age, but only recently, after a break of 40 years, did she start to paint again.

Although Jane completed the Foundation course at Manchester College of Art in the early 1970s, she went on to lead a busy life as a Primary School teacher for 23 years and later, ran her own saddlery and country clothing business for 15 years. Throughout this time she also competed in eventing and dressage with her own horses. Now, with the competition years over, and the horses gone, she has returned to painting.

She has exhibited locally and nationally since 2014 and has won awards for her work. She enjoys the challenge of portraiture and painting figures in the context of cityscapes however, painting horses in a variety of situations such as racing, polo and eventing is where her heart truly lies.

She uses oils and sometimes charcoal to explore her interest in light, form, space and movement. Her aim is to catch that elusive fleeting moment which tells a story, without sentimentality.

Carys Jones


Carys Jones is a largely self-taught photographer, intrigued by the creative abilities of the camera, increasingly drawn to abstract and impressionistic photographic interpretations of what she see around her. Specialising in equine photography and happiest when in the open air, Carys’s work explores how traditional images can be reinvented, sometimes using intentional camera movement, slower shutter speeds and filters - aimed at creating results in-camera rather than later in post-production. Carys’s work reflects her love of horses and understanding of their nature honed over many years as a horse owner.

In recent years Carys's work has appeared in print in national and local titles. She was delighted to have an image - Fjord Crossing I - awarded Silver in the 2016 EPSON International Pano Awards and to be shortlisted in the prestigious Outdoor Photographer of the Year 2017 competition and for the Royal Photographic Society International Photography Exhibition 161.

Joseph Black

Joseph Black (1992 -) is a young artist, writer and curator who currently runs River Garage Studios in Dover. He obtained a Masters Degree in the History of Art from the Courtauld Institute of Art in 2016 and a BFA in Painting from Camberwell College of Art in 2015.  Senior curatorial projects include ‘The Garden at War: Deception, Craft and Reason, 2017’ at Stowe House in Buckinghamshire, as well as ‘Reflections on the Landscape: Against the tide, 2018’ and ‘Classical Remains, 2018’ at River Garage Studios, and 'Morning Sounds, Evening Echoes'  at Co-Innovation.

In 2017, as part of the exhibition programme ‘The Garden at War: Deception, Craft and Reason’, he wrote and edited a collection of essays and artwork in partnership with Paul Holberton Publishing; this publication is now sold internationally. He also held a day-long symposium at Stowe House which was delivered in partnership with The Courtauld Institute of Art.

Joseph’s practice works with painting, sculpture, and installation, to explore the influence of history and culture on our perception of reality. As a trained art historian specialising in Conceptual Art, his visual language draws on a wide array of references from Classical Antiquity to contemporary museum display. In his work, Black uses objects imbued with symbolic potential or emotional value, which he presents in different types of display and media to reveal the subtle shifts of meaning provoked by processes of reproduction and translation.

Romy Elliott


After graduating from Newcastle University in 2013 with a degree in Philosophy, I decided to pursue my real passion for art in Italy and completed a three year degree at the Florence Academy of Art in June 2016.

Whilst there, I studied sculpture, drawing and painting, learning classical methods and imitating the old masters. In some ways I felt it was like learning an alphabet, a kind of invaluable structural base from which to begin any work. Having benefited immensely from exploring the techniques taught at FAA, I am now developing my craft by leaning towards a slightly looser and more personal style. 

Currently, animals are my key focus, after three years working from the human figure and since a young age I have been captivated by dogs and horses in particular. I have gained extensive experience from working closely with both species over the years, underpinning an understanding of their anatomy and movement.